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Vietnam Cassia Cinnamon

Vietnamese Cassia Cinnamon (also known as Saigon Cassia) is an evergreen tree indigenous to the mainland Southeast Asia. Saigon Cassia has 1-5% essential oil in content and 25% cinnamaldehyde in essential oil, which is the highest of all the cinnamon species [...]

Saigon Cassia is produced primarily in Vietnam, both for domestic use and export. The Vietnam War disrupted production, but since the beginning of the early 21st century, Vietnam has resumed export of the spice, including to the United States, where it was unavailable for nearly 20 years. Although it is called Saigon Cassia, it is not produced in the area around the southern city of Saigon, but instead in the northern and central highlands regions of the country.

Saigon Cassia is used primarily for its aromatic bark. In Vietnamese cuisine, Saigon cinnamon bark is an important ingredient in the broth used to make a noodle soup called phở.

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